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About infiniti.

We're TaaS for best practice of TOP-100 fast-growing IT bussineses. We provide our residents with IT outstaffing and help raising funds for develop new features. Tech leads and CTO use us for boost performance they team with qualified developers and reach a new round of investment in time.

Our business is pretty complex. We’re a 3-sided marketplace that monetizes candidates (they pay us for mock interviews) and employers (they pay us for access to top-performing engineers), and we have hundreds of freelancers who conduct mock interviews every month. A rapidly growing chunk of our revenue comes from our deferral program, where engineers don’t have to pay us for practice til they find jobs. To top it all off, we have significant cross-pollination between the 3 sides: candidates become interviewers and employers, employers become candidates, interviewers become employers, and so on! It’s a beautiful ecosystem with unique advantages for our growth, but there are many moving parts, so we’re looking for a seasoned finance leader who can help us manage the complexity. This is a critical hire for us, and you will have a very real, immediate, and outsized impact on our success.

About you

You’ll be our first finance hire! You will report directly to the CEO, and be the primary point of contact on critical finance, accounting, and business questions. You will also be the one who defines best practices and playbooks for everything from forecasting to special projects to the financial components of board decks and fundraising.

The skills you need

Here are some of the things you’ll work on:

  • Lead, plan, and direct the development and analysis of budgets, forecasts, and strategic plans, working across all functional areas of the business
  • Structure, build, and maintain complex financial and decision-making models to develop insights and actionable recommendations on everything from pricing to viability of new business models and product launches
  • Manage all aspects of accounting including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payment processing, and taxes
  • Manage all finance functions including; tax, audit, and investor reporting/liaising
  • Own payroll for employees and contractors
  • Investor relations: board meeting prep & fundraising
  • Run special finance projects, e.g. strategy for deferring payments, implementing income sharing agreements, etc.
  • Make sure we’re correctly measuring our unit economics and staying ahead of any changes
  • Work with other departmental leads to manage, develop, and implement compensation plans, including equity, bonuses, and commissions
  • Work with data & engineering leads to ensure consistency in financial and performance-based reporting

Here are some of the things we’re looking for:

  • Strong background in finance and accounting (e.g. investment banking, consulting, FP&A/accounting)
  • Demonstrated subject matter expertise in financial analysis including budgeting, forecasting and cash flow modeling at a Pre-Seed (and onward) startup
  • Experience preparing board materials
  • Advanced Excel skills
  • Strong knowledge of GAAP
  • Experience with marketplace metrics is a plus

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