The Investment Financial IT Incubator (INFINITI) offers an IT incubator program designed to help IT startup businesses grow and succeed in the US market by providing low-cost new market opening services, free mentoring, free expertise, free leads and access to investors. You’ll also have the chance to be connected to other IT entrepreneurs, often with a similar focus as yours.

The INFINITI’s IT Incubaton Program helps startups to accelerate their business setup in the initial phase, before providing guidance on how to create partnerships with other companies and how to make contact with investors.

What You Receive:

  • Subsidized Business Formation.
  • Assistance with complete setup in the USA, including business structure advisory, office location assistance and telecommunications infrastructure.

  • Mentorship.
  • Work with the best and brightest mentors from across the globe.

  • CEO Roundtables.
  • Solve problems with other entrepreneurs who are working in the trenches.

  • Community Forums.
  • Our group of founders are there for you when you need help. They can offer advice based on experience and help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Introductions.
  • We can provide introductions to our global network of carefully curated businesses.

  • Access to Investors.
  • We know what excites investors and what they want. We can help evaluate your investor pitches and provide you with investor contacts and business introductions when the time is right.

Incubator (StartUp) Benefits

The INFINITI’s IT incubator program allows participants to access a range of free and/or discounted services through our partner service providers.

You can learn more about some of the benefits by browsing the links below:

Investor Contacts
  • 11000+ VC / Investor contacts

Accounting & Finance
  • Zeni – 25% off your first 6-months, plus waived setup fees

  • Amplitude – up to $40000 USD of free credits

  • Mixpanel – up to $50000 USD of free credits

  • Segment – up to $25000 USD of free credits

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Important Notes:

  • If you are an enrolled INFINITI resident or are part of the INFINITI’s IT incubator then you may contact us to access this benefits package.

  • Some benefits may not be valid for all INFINITI’s incubated startups and may depend on your business type.

  • Some benefits are valid only based on your country of formation, company size, age of your company, number of employees, revenue and/or profitability.

  • Remember to use your COMPANY address when applying for a benefit – not your residential address.

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