We invest in IT that people love
INFINITI Stream is the safest way for investors to make X’s.


We are INFINITI Universe – an AI-powered investment fund created specifically for IT entrepreneurs willing to be accessed to investors and market research solutions. We provide users with quantum consciousness by fund's portfolio ranking criteria — Just Feel IT!


Our main goal is to achieve 2030 a stable and light-growth of the $1Bn Fund. For its realization, we use the AI-powered deals algorithm by our own financial resources and involve in cooperation prop-trading groups skills, and small hedge funds that have shown good trading performance, but have limited financial resources.


The lean investor strategy is to make lots of little bets $0-$100K investment, 1-3 founders, incubator environment (multiple peers, mentors/advisors) and these 3 magic components:

Start with many small “experiments”
Filter out failures + small wins
Double-down on stuff that looks like it’s live


Private investors fund hypotheses, identifying market niches, providing large investment funds with end-to-end analytics. It's revealing the viability of business models for each MVP. Each step is divided into separate stages (check-points). Step-by-step financing creates trust between the founders and investors. This are guarantee of safety of funds and the successful implementation of the goals.


Direct and continuous communication with the largest investment funds. Interesting events and deals that highlighted the IT project among others. Regular organization of fabulous roadshows, participation in which inevitably attracts the attention of top media and world known bloggers the most famous spheres.


Get x1000 profit from the top 100 profitable deals in the IT sector that will mature in your pocket next 10 years just 1 click right now. Sign up crowdinvesting CPA platform with end-to-end testing of the viability of each IT project business model.


The approach reflects our idea, which is to offer investors a product that combines the advantages of a founders fund and AI-powered CPA platform with integrated customer research via end-to-end analytics.

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